Are You a Racing-car Buff?

Some car enthusiasts will go to any length to make a car as powerful as possible, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. The internet opens the door to a parts dream heaven. Order your favorite products at the click of a button, and everything can be delivered directly to your garage. When it comes to choosing accessories, your options are limitless. Read more

You on the Throttle of the world's Fastest Car?

There are a wide variety of frighteningly fast cars out there, from classic American Muscle cars to Italian and German prancing horses. Fast cars have always amused people all over the world. Style, power, and everything about fast cars is fascinating. You will not meet many men who are not fast car enthusiasts.Fastest Car

There are fast cars both on and off the track. You have very fast and competitive racecars in Formula 1; the Champcar Series as well as the NASCAR race series, but there are now a number of production cars even faster than these sports cars. Some people may argue that most of the cars used in these sports are restricted to race tracks. This is because we never get to read about the test runs many racing teams conduct. The current record for NASCAR is held by Russ Wicks. He set a land speed record in his Dodge charger and ran it at 244.9 mph. That is around 397Kmh which is blistering. These cars pump out between 750-800bhp which gives them an amazing power to weight ratio, but the cars with best power to weight ratio in the racing world today are the cars in the Formula 1 World Series. The Combination of light weight and an incredibly powerful engine is what gives them their speed. These cars are the fastest accelerating cars in the world, but no tests have been carried out to determine their exact top speed.

Now some production cars are far faster than any of the sports cars you find on the race track. The fastest production car in the world was the Italian Bugatti Veyron. A huge W16 engine pumped out a massive 1001bhp. It hit a record 267mph. The Veyron has now been overtaken by the Barabus TKR. This car set a new record at 270mph. The TKR is a true Italian built exotic supercar pumping out a whopping 1005bhp. It hits 0-60mph in a mere 1.67 seconds which is faster than most jets. Close to being the fastest was the American SSC Ultimate Aero. With 1183 horsepower and a top speed of 257 mph it is also a force to be reckoned with.

These are currently the 3 fastest cars in the world, but with new advancements in technology and design, I doubt they will be for long.

the Bristol Motor SpeedwayHow You Can Drive the Bristol Motor Speedway

How would you like to drive Nascar's fastest half mile? Have you ever dreamed of driving on a speedway? Yes, you can roll down the same track as legendary drivers like Alan Kulwicki, Darrell Waltrip, Richard Petty, Carl Yarborough, Jeff Gordon and the great Dale Earnhardt, among others. This is the same track where retired Nascar drivers did 35 laps for charity in March 2010.

Would you like an experience that goes beyond any Nascar memorbilia you can collect, any Nascar collectibles ,or any Nascar gear you could buy? Nothing you can hold in your hand or store on a shelf, can take the place of a great memory. If you are a real Nascar fan, then this is an event you won't want to miss.

You won't find it in your Nascar race schedule. You won't even find it listed on the official Nascar site. It isn't on the Nascar Bristol Schedule, but it really does happen at Bristol Motor Speedway, home of the legendary "Thunder Valley" dragstrip. This is where one of Nascar's top ten races, the "Sprint Cup Series" is held every spring. This isn't a Nascar game and you won't be part of a Nascar chase, but you will be able to say, "I drove on Bristol motor speedway!" and "I drove the world's fastest half mile."

The banking at Bristol is one of the steepest in the country, once listed at 35 degrees. Now, new resurfacing puts it closer to 27-30 degrees, but this is still not your normal track.

Like the hottest ticket in racing, the late summer "night-time race", this is a night time event. Imagine the stadium lights, your hands on the wheel, rolling down that track, banking the turns and riding the curves high. Get to Bristol, Tenn.From November through the new year in January, even non-Nascar fans enjoy the welcoming ride through the incredible decorative lights that lead up to the lap you get to take around the track .Every year the theme changes and more lights are added to the thousands that form fantasy characters and scenes. I drove the world's fastest half mile at Bristol Motorway and all my family and friends who are Nascar fans howled with envy. Now you can have those bragging rights too. Life is short. Plan your Tenn. vacation and drive the Bristol Motor Speedway!


Get Yourself Into Nascar Racing

As Americans check their Nascar race schedule, kids dream of being able to drive a NASCAR spec Dodge charger around the Indianapolis Oval. They play with their Nascar die cast toys and envision themselves on the track, but not everyone can make the grade in this dangerous and expensive sport. This is not a Nascar game.Nascar Racing

If you start young and are talented, your success can be huge. You gain fame and money just for driving a car at high speeds! NASCAR racing is an expensive sport but sponsors are always looking for kids and young drivers with talent. Here are some tips to get you there:

1. Kart racing – It is very important to start as early as age 7. There are race drivers who are Winston cup champions by the time they are 25. With go carts, you learn to handle speed at a young age. This helps develop reflexes and eye-hand coordination.
2. Local Racing Scene – Check out the local racing scene at the stock car track that is closest to you. Take part in competitions, and racing events to see how competitive you are. Start by racing in lower, less expensive divisions like the pure stock division.
3. Speed Shops – Hang out at local speed shops where you can read and learn many things from experienced racers. This will help you get a better idea of the sport, and how drivers have risen in the ranks. It’s important that you implement what you learn. Practice all the techniques of winning race drivers.
4. Volunteer- Work in the pit crew of a local racing team or driver. This helps you get exposure and advice from the people who are in the racing business. You also learn about NASCAR cars. Try and learn as much as possible about engine tuning and racing chassis setups.
5. Race-Get in different series like the Goody’s dash series, or Busch Grand National. These can help sponsors and teams notice you.
6. Sponsorship – The right sponsor will help you build a purpose built race car, then as you gain more sponsors, you can move up to the American Speed Association.
7. Tenacity-Never give up! If you have a bad day at the track or a shunt when you thought the race was yours, remember, if you have the talent you could be a Winston Cup Champion one day.

Want to Find Race Car Accessories?

Some car enthusiasts will go to any length to make a car as powerful as possible, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. The internet opens the door to a parts dream heaven. Order your favorite products at the click of a button, and everything can be delivered directly to your garage. When it comes to choosing accessories, your options are limitless.Race Car Accessories

Accessories for the Body
When buying external accessories for your car, you can choose everything from a variety of body kits, to different types of spoilers with razor sharp style. If you’re a Muscle Car fan, you can get a wide variety of rims and hoods, as well as air intake systems. You can order Nascar paint scheme designs or find a shop online that will do a complete wrap in as little as six hours. You can even buy a wide variety of side skirts for your car. To really increase speed, the addition of two side skirts to a car with minus two degrees of rake (tail up) drastically increases front and overall downforce.

Accessories for Performance
You will find everything you need to boost your engine’s performance, including a wide variety of turbochargers and superchargers. While all turbochargers are superchargers, consider a supercharger that is not driven directly by the engine. Compare cost and performance online. You can purchase performance headers for your engine as well as an exhaust system to boost your engines horsepower. A free-flow exhaust system will increase the efficiency of your engine as well as make it perform better. Clutch systems are available which will boost your engines performance. Nitrous Oxide Kits Systems and components are the quickest and easiest way to get large horsepower increases with a minimum of engine modifications. Shopping for these products online gives you time to check all specifications and features which best suit your needs.

Nascar/Race Car Gear
You can find a huge assortment of aftermarket racing accessories. You can buy racing seats, harnesses and shoulder pads. You will find auto accessory stores with everything from dash trim kits to racing pedals, steering wheels, steering wheel covers, lights, speedometers and tachometers. Some shops even offer accessories from the Champ Car series and the Formula one World Series. Build your dream car, then get into your Nascar racing jacket and put on your Nascar cap. You are ready to go!